Wild Hare 50 miler: race recap

Andrew and I took a half day off from work on Friday to head to Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda, TX for the Wild Hare – my first 50 miler. Wild Hare is part of the Tejas Trails ultra trail series.

Stan the Van was home sweet home for the evening .

There was a huge group of us from Waco who came to run. The race offered 10K, 25K, 50K, and 50 mile distances on a really pretty ranch with some challenging trails.

The race had a 5am start, so the first 10 miles were in the dark. I used a GoMotion vest with a chest light and a handheld light from Nathan Sports. Find them here.

The weather and course was so unpredictable. First it was warmer and humid. Then it rained. Then sunny and calm. And THEN it was wiiiiindy. Hot in the sun, cool in the shade. It was everything. Oh, and there was mud, which I suppose is to be expected at a trail race.

However, I wasn’t expecting knee deep water to wade through on every lap. We used this giant puddle to count down the remaining laps.

Ruel and I stuck together for ALL 50 miles.

And made some friends. Runners are the friendliest people.

The course was 6 loops of 7.8 miles + a short loop at the beginning. The first 3 loops were great and we ran most of it. Loops 4 & 5 were a huge mental challenge. You’re almost done, but you’re not. Fortunately, we saw Andrew at least twice on each loop and were so thankful for his support – filling bottles, giving us food, updating us on our friends running.

We walked some, especially the second to last loop.

But got a second wind on the final loop and ran most of it. We were so ready to be finished. We kept saying it was hard, but could be worse.

And 11 hours, 11 minutes, and 11 seconds later – we finished our first 50 miler.

I couldn’t have done it without Ruel. Seriously mean that!

We celebrated with friends who all had great races and most ran their first ultra as well. I love my running group and am so proud of them!

And then Andrew took me out for vegan pancakes from Kerbey Lane Cafe. They were pumpkin and the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. That’s probably an exaggeration, but at the time it was a royal feast.

All in all, it was a good race. The water and mud was a surprise, and the course was much harder than I expected. It was hard -mentally and physically. But it could have been worse. The weather could have been worse and physically it could have been worse. Other than a couple of blisters and some sore feet, we finished smiling and injury-free. A couple of close calls with face plants in the mud, soggy pretzels at aid stations that tasted gourmet, nearly in tears because I was so thankful to see Andrew, and 11 hours of chatting away with Ruel made for a perfect race!

I would do it again.


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  1. Congrats! You captured the race well. We met at the end of the race- when you discovered your blisters. Love seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It was great to meet you. I still have one blister that is giving me trouble, but if that is all I have to deal with then I’d say it was a successful race. Have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. Incredible! Thanks for sharing your running journey. You are always so encouraging and motivating. You did it!!! I’m so proud of you. Thanks for being a light for all to see. I pray you have so many more incredible journeys that end up injury free and well supported.