Fit & Faithful apparel has been discontinued. Perhaps indefinitely or at least until I get life as a new mom figured out – so yeah, maybe indefinitely. 


10% of all sales are donated to charity.




  1. Hey Chelsy! Looking at the Fruit of the Spirit shirts. How “true to size are these?” I’m looking between a small and medium, but didn’t know if they fit looser b/c of the tank style.

    1. Hi. I have this brand shirt from a purchase I made at Proverbs31. I usually wear a small, but I got this in medium. It fits perfectly around my 34DD bust and hangs nicely on my 5’5″, 112lbs, narrow hipped frame. Hope this helps with ordering.

      1. I feel really silly but I still can’t find it. Would it be listed under “shop” or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks again!

  2. Hi Chelsy,
    Greetings from Australia 🙂
    I’m trying to order t-shirts but it’s not allowing my address ??
    Can you advise me on what to do.

    Great to see you running and happy lovely lady.

    God bless,

  3. Hi! I just purchased your training guide but I tried to save it to my phone and it didn’t work and now I can’t find it. Can you email it to me again

  4. Hey!! I need to pick your brain for a moment. I am wanting to find a good book to read on marathons. Do you have any that are your favorites? Thank you ma’am!!!!

  5. I would love to buy one of your shirts, but it will not let me get further than typing in my shipping address. It then tells me there is no shipping option for this location.

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