Rowan is 9 months old & I’m racing (again)

Hello people!! We are still here. Just livin’ life and not blogging quite as much. Although, I do have plenty of time since Rowan still only naps on me. But I have chosen to do less productive things like Netflix & Hulu. However, I have been attempting to read more during naptimes but I suppose I can take sometime to blog as well. We just finished up Grace Based Discipline and Wife’s Secret Guide to Happiness and are starting Grace Filled Marriage. Do you spot a theme? Yes, I’m needing a little self-improvement after letting the dust settle with becoming a mom. 

So Rowan is 9 months old and doing so well. She is getting a little more mobile which has opened a whole new world for her to explore – including light sockets, electrical wires, and kitchen drawers – so we’ve been baby-proofing. She is the best eater in the world. This girl will eat any and everything we give her. Brussels Sprouts, beet smoothie, broccoli, all of it!! I am beyond excited about this. Her Our (lets be honest, I eat her leftovers) favorite is sweet potato + coconut oil + cinnamon.

Before you get jealous of my amazing veggie-eating baby, remember I am writing this blog as I unproductively sit in a dark room for the third time today because my baby refuses to nap anywhere else but in my arms. I can’t complain because she’s only little once, but it does get tough when dinner needs to be made, chores need to get done, and miles need to get run. So yes, I have a spectacular eater but we have or hangups. Oh, she also doesn’t sleep through the night. Up every 3-4 hours actually, but at least she’s in her crib for nighttime sleep.

With the lack of sleep, you can imagine how my training is going. Let’s just say, I’ve been posting a lot of “easy 30 minutes on the treadmill” lately. She was kind of a rockstar sleeper a few months ago and I was training really well – speed work, long runs. So I signed up for a marathon. And obviously that’s when Rowan would go through a sleep regression and derail all of it. But that’s alright. I feel ready to run it. I built up to a 20 miler and have put in training on par for the average runner. I’ve had to get out of the mindset that I need to be training like I use to in order to run a marathon. That’s not true. I’m not in shape to nor am I trying to PR. But I will finish and I think feel alright. PLUS it’s a hilly course so I plan to run the first relatively flat 14 miles then run/walk the hills with my #motherrunner friend who signed up with me. AND the Miracle Match Marathon in my hometown and my favorite race – so it’ll be a fun experience for sure.

I’m sure I’ll chase some unicorns again one day and try and make it back to Boston but that’s not the season of life I am in now. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll sign up for another marathon after this one for a while. With limited time to train, I kind of want to keep my workouts short and intentional with speedwork and strength training and maybe work towards a super fast 5K or Half Marathon.

At 9 months post-partum, I feel pretty normal again. The more Rowan grows and develops, the more interactive and a part of our family she becomes. She’s not just this tiny baby I need to feed and change every hour – she’s a tiny person, all her own. I also feel like Andrew and I are getting marriage figured out as a family of three. When we moved Rowan to her own room at 5 months old (so 4 months ago) our living room TV woke her up. There went our Netflix binges. We found an old card game and started playing. That’s been our ‘thing’ ever since and it’s been the best thing for our marriage. We have since tested the TV waking her up and it turns out it was just a coincidence that first night. Or was it? I think God woke her up because He knew we needed to unplug and reconnect.

Other snipets of our life at 9 months old:

  • We’ve put her in the church nursery twice. The second time went better.
  • We’ve put her in the YMCA childcare twice for mommy to workout for 20 minutes.
  • I’ve left her with my husband for maybe five times ever (other than running in our neighborhood). Yes, I’m a paranoid first-time mom.
  • We started Mommy & Me swim lessons and LOVE them.
  • I am staying home full time so have not put her in a daycare but and considering Parents Day Out one day a week in the fall.
  • Part of her not sleeping through the night (besides her dependence on nursing) is she wakes up on her hands and knees and rocks bumping her head on the crib rails. She has bruises. It’s so sad. Hoping it’s just a phase.

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1 Comment

  1. Beautiful post Chelsy!
    I love how you’re finding creative ways to keep your marriage a priority! As a Mom whose kids are all adults, I’m so thankful my hubby and I are closer the ever at this season of our life! With God helping us, He will keep our marriages strong in Him!

    And cheering you on with your marathon coming up! You inspire me so much!
    Ugh, I’ve been out of running!
    The winter has been cold here in chicago and I watch my granddaughter full time. So time is hard to find!
    Ahhhh gotta get back! I ran 3.1 yesterday and ugh ugh ugh it was hard!!

    Many blessings to you!!
    Sonja ♥️ Hebrews 12:1-2