Rowan is 4 months old + I signed up for my first race

I have a 4 month old. That’s 1/3 of a year. In 212 months, she’ll be leaving for college. Surely someone has discovered how to make time stop by now. I loved my sleepy little newborn, but this 4 month old who smiles at me every morning, giggles at my funny faces, naps in my arms, and stops crying when I hold her is my favorite.

Rowan is slowly getting used to napping in her crib. I try it once each day and she now holds a 40 minute crib napping PR. I think the days of two hour naps are over, so maybe 40 minutes in her crib is actually pretty awesome.

I lost my credit card and threw my phone away all in the same day. Technically, Andrew threw my phone away, but I put it in the box I asked him to trash. Whatever, I just had a baby. That’s my excuse for everything. So I bought this phone case that holds my credit cards in the back so now I only have to keep up with one thing.

Rowan’s been great about being super content chillin’ in her swing while I walk around the kitchen or am on the treadmill. I planned to log an easy 30 minute run while she watched and then she fell asleep. Yes!! ASLEEP!! She hasn’t done that since she was a newborn. In the past she’d always wake up when I stopped running – I’m guessing because the noise changed. So I kept going until she woke up because ‘never wake a sleeping baby‘. Six miles and an hour later, she woke up. I guess I can’t complain but I really didn’t feel like running 6 miles that day. A treadmill is one expensive white noise machine.

Everyone says their kids are their motivation for working out. I totally get that now. But not in the sappy “I want to be a good example for them” way because let’s be honest, she has no idea what I’m doing. But her sleep motivates/forces me to keep running. I headed out for a run while Andrew watched her. I texted 3 miles in and told him I quit because I was just not feeling it. He responded letting me know she was asleep. Which means if I were to come home, our dogs would do their thing and wake her. DANGIT!! So I got in another 6 miler. I think it was actually 6.48 and no I did not finish it out to an even 6.50 because I was that over it!

So that was two unplanned 6-milers thanks to my sweet, sleepy baby. #motivation

I also hit my first double-digit run!! 10 whole miles. It was really tough mentally. I was super lonely because I’m so used to logging my long runs with my running group. But I did it and was pretty proud! I have a 5K coming up and I plan to do a half in the fall. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with planning out races. I’m taking my time and not getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been trying to unplug from my phone a bit more. Since Rowan naps in my arms I’m on the couch for several hours each day. I used to mindlessly play on my phone or watch a show on Netflix that turned really dumb by the third season. Seriously, I think everyone in Rosewood is ‘A’. But lately I’ve tried reading more. I know that’s not really productive but I feel like it powers my brain a bit more. I’ve read The Husband’s Secret and Three Wishes and I’m currently reading What Alice Forgot .

These last four months have gone by too fast and I know time will only go faster. I’m beginning to forget what life was like before her and that’s okay with me.

When did your baby start sleeping through the night?

How old was your baby when you ran you first post-partum race? 



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  1. Our son only starting sleeping through the night around a year old and our daughter a month later..hang in there😀
    Great job with the running, its sometimes exhausting just thinking about running when you are running on little sleep. But feels great afterwards