Mom moments + longest run + my first coffee

  1. Rowan is 3 1/2 months old.

She’s still sleeping like a rockstar. Most nights she wakes up for one feeding anywhere between 3-5am and then is up for the day around 6am. I love this schedule!! MOM MOMENT: One morning, Rowan thoughtfully woke at 5am for a feeding which allowed me time for a run outside before Andrew left for work. When I returned, she was STILL sleeping. Whose baby is this? I showered in our guest bathroom and dried off with kitchen towels because “never wake a sleeping baby”.

We couldn’t have asked for a better nighttime sleeper, but she’s a finicky napper. We’re not on a schedule and not trying to be on one. I know when she’s tired and that’s when she naps – however, it’s in my lap. Yes, we’ve tried it all. She prefers to snuggle and I don’t mind. We are working towards getting her to nap in here crib. MOM MOMENT: I had just showered and was still in a towel when I was trying to get her to nap in her crib (which is in our bedroom). It worked!! She fell asleep!! So in stealth mode, I escaped our room without waking her… still in a towel with absolutely no clothes in any other areas of or home except the quietness of our room where my baby was sleeping. Normally not a big deal, except in 30 minutes I had out-of-town family arriving. Fortunately and unfortunately, her crib nap lasted 25 minutes. But at least that’s a start.

I logged my longest post-partum run recently. NINE MILES! Our neighborhood is extremely flat so I ran to a hill that’s a 1/4 mile from top to bottom and climbed it 8 times. I held a 9:13 average pace for the run and felt really good about it.

I also destroyed my legs with a strength training workout while Rowan watched from the stroller. She loved having me jump around in front of her. I did a bunch of variations of lunges and squats with some pylometrics thrown in there. It hurt to walk for a couple of days which makes carrying a baby around tough.

I started drinking coffee again.  I haven’t had coffee in 14 MONTHS!! That’s an extremely long time for a person who had multiple cups of coffee daily for years! I cut it out before I got pregnant because I didn’t want to drink it while I was pregnant (just my personal choice) and I didn’t want to go through withdrawals and morning sickness at the same time. Although, I ended up not having morning sickness. After Rowan was born, I chose to hold off on drinking it because I was nervous it would affect her through nursing. I felt comfortable to give it a try so I made a 1/2 caff + 1/2 decaf cup. Then she needed me, and an hour later after microwaving it, I got to enjoy my first cup of coffee. MOM MOMENT: microwaved coffee.

It’s so stinkin’ hot outside and especially for Rowan in her car seat. Our car doesn’t have rear A/C so we bought a Noogle. It’s really pretty awesome!!! We’re still playing with placement but it’s been so helpful in quickly cooling down the back of the car. We also travel with our dogs sometimes so I know it’ll for sure come in handy for that.

These past few weeks I’ve watched my sleepy newborn turn into a wiggly baby that’s beginning to interact with the world and become her own person. As much as I want her to stay little forever, I love how she no longer seems as fragile and is becoming my little buddy.


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