8 Reasons Why You Should Run The Miracle Match Marathon in Waco Texas

8 Reasons Why You Should Run The Miracle Match Marathon in Waco Texas.


Race Date: End of January

Location: Waco, Texas

Race Distances: 1 mile, 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Full-Marathon, Ultra Marathon (50K)


1 – No stress to run a PR

This is not the kind of race to go for a PR. Check out this elevation map!! This is the kind of race to challenge yourself and just enjoy the scenery. Did I mention there is an option to go up these lovely stairs of death at mile 24 (or mile 29 if you’re doing the ultra)?

2016 Miracle Match Ultramarathon

2 – A small race with a HUGE payout

The race may be small, but it does not run short on bling. You not only get a race shirt, but also a finisher’s jacket, and a custom medal design by Sport Hooks. Not to mention a huge post-race party with free food (and even free margaritas for you racers in the 21+ age group.)

3 – Great chance you’ll place in your age group

Although this race grows every year, with around 1000 racers, you have a great shot at placing in your age group or even ending up on the podium. Check out past results here.


4 – A full tour of Waco by foot

The race course takes you from Downtown Waco (near the Magnolia Silos), through the beautiful campus of Baylor University, right by the McLane Stadium, out towards Woodway, along the edge of our lake, and finishing up through Cameron Park. You see everything!

5 – The Race Director has run 130 marathons (11 of which were in an Ironman)!

Nancy Goodnight knows how to put on a race and throw a party – and that’s exactly what this weekend is all about! With only one state (New Jersey) shy of running a marathon in all 50 states, she knows what works and what doesn’t. And if you have a minute, read this story about how she finished Ironman Florida with seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung. If that doesn’t convince you to come check out her race, I don’t know what will. Her races are all about having a good time and for a good cause.


6 – Speaking of a good cause, you are supporting the Be The Match foundation.

Be The Match connects volunteer donors with patients in need of marrow transplants for life-saving therapy!

7 – If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, the race location is only blocks away from the Magnolia Silos.

Why miss out on a chance of a Chip & Jojo spotting. Their Magnolia Silos are right around the corner from the start line and host hotel. You can carbo-load with a cupcake from the Silo Bakery.


8 – I’ll give you a high five at the end!

Although I am so excited for the reason I cannot run the marathon this year (baby Cork), I will be at the finish line cheering on all of the runners! And I’ll give you a high-five, or fist bump, your choice, as you cross our historic Suspension Bridge!!! So that’s totally worth the trip to Waco because I give the best high-fives!



Alright, now that I’ve convinced you to run the toughest little marathon in Texas, go register here. Check out the race website here.

Read my 2016 Miracle Match Ultramarathon race recap here.

And my 2014 Miracle Match Marathon race recap here where I set a PR at the time of 3:40 and snagged a qualified entry into the Chicago Marathon.



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  1. Sounds like fun!! Thanks for all the details of the race most people never know about (like the awesome race director). This race has actually been on a my list for a while and we were already planning to fly to Texas (Visit Austin & Waco) for my Birthday/long weekend(in January). Guess it would only be fitting to run a Marathon also. 😉 Now to convince the hubby!