2016 Boston Marathon: Day 2

Morning coffee.

2.3 mile run to breakfast.


We split stuffed french toast and hash with “eggs” benedict on a biscuit from Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge.

The French toast was my favorite. Sourdough bread with vanilla vegan cream cheese in the middle drizzled with strawberry sauce and banana butter.

You need to have a closer look.

Stumbled across a bike shop for Andrew on our walk to Harvard.

And then we made our way to MIT. One of our running buddies is an MIT alum. This is where all those intellectual conversations we have on the run that go way  over my head were born. Students were literally carrying around robots here.

We wandered back across the river to Faneuil Hall and then Boston Public Market. We found this incredible vegan Rasberry Basil Lime donut. Sounds weird, but it was so good!!

I found a gift card in my purse from Christmas and checked the balance. It was enough to buy me this jacket that I was eyeing at the expo. It was like Christmas all over again. Thanks, mom!

And I got to meet Ryan Hall, again!!

I told him I qualified for Boston at the 2014 Dallas Marathon and he was the one who handed me my finisher medal.

Andrew really wanted this Clif bar hat. #noheartbreakhere

So we bought $15 worth of Clif bars to get this “free” hat. Sweet deal, right?

We walked across the finish line. Crazy to think I’ll finally be running across this on Monday.

We had dinner at My Thai Vegan Cafe. We split some fried tofu and veggie thing and a “chicken” and broccoli thing. Both were delicious!!

We wandered on back to our hotel but stopped by Whole Foods Market and grabbed a Coconut Kombucha. Seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever drank.

We made one more necessary stop by J.P. Licks for some Hemp Cookies & Cream ice cream. It was over $4 each for an itty bitty scoop, so we were thrifty and split a $7 pint.

10 hours and 18 miles on our feet later, we crashed in the hotel. My legs will regret this on Monday, but I won’t. I had the best day!!

Sunday plans: bike to Veggie Galaxy for breakfast, wander Beacon Hill, dinner at All That Pizza bar, probably another pint of ice cream, and early to bed. Any other suggestions?


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    1. That ice cream was out of this world! I wish I could have some right now 🙂 I am so thankful for those memories with Andrew. We really needed that trip to get away.

  1. Thanks to your inspiration I am praying and going to be hoping and dreaming that one day I get to run Boston. It is going to take a lot of work, but I am going to dream that I can do it. Thanks for being a great inspiration to a fellow Christian runner. I don’t have many Christian runner friends so having you around makes it so much better even though we are states apart! 🙂

  2. gosh your story just makes me so happy for you!!! i really want to qualify one day but i just don’t know how to get there!!! my fastest half is 1:37 but for some reason i feel like i just cant do a marathon! i attempted in january and didn’t fuel right so i had to get off the course at mile 25 because i couldn’t stop puking! what plan do you suggest i try in the fall? i live in charleston,sc so there are tons of flat courses here! gosh i bet boston was so amazing. i loved watching you guys!!! hope you rest well!!!

    1. If you can run a 1:37 half, you can qualify!!! My half PR is just under 1:39. You can absolutely do it!! Build up that endurance for the long runs and you are there!!