2016 Boston Marathon: Day 1


4 miles + 8 hours of work then our Boston vacation officially commenced.

Did you read My Road To Boston? Find it here.

Are you signed up to follow me? Find out how to follow runners here. If you’re wanting to see a spectacular performance you may want to follow Meb instead of me. But I’d love for you to cheer me on anyway since it feels like I am sharing this race with my Instagram/blog family!!


We ran into my Waco friends at the airport. Meet Ruel and Nancy.

We went straight to the expo, and ran into Ruel again.

Traveling with Andrew is one of my favorite things. I love making memories with him and know I’ll remember this experience for years to come. This is not a cheap trip and I am so thankful for his selflessness.

I found my name.

And Meb.

All of that walking made us super hungry so stopped by b.good right in front of the finish line. When you can’t decide which vegan burger you want, you get two and split! (That’s the finish line in the background).

Isn’t he cute? 🙂  I’m embarrassing him…

I found my ducks in Boston Public Garden before we strolled down Newbury Street.

And we stopped by Whole Foods for some ice cream in bed.

A safe flight, a fun day at the expo, walking the city, and ice cream in bed. I’d call it a successful day 1.

Saturday plans: Cambridge, Beacon Hill, North End, Feuniel(?) Hall, maybe expo again. Any more suggestions? 


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